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Art challenge & feedback community for n00bs & masters alike
Welcome to drawingpractice! This is a community for people who want to learn how to draw. For those who can draw anything with any medium but can't get off their arses to actually do it and need a figurative kick in the fleshy areas. For people wanting to re-discover their creativity, and for those who enjoy a challenge.

The point, besides learning, is to have fun, so don't take it too seriously. If you failed, you also tried! Try. Fail. Try again. Fail better. - Samuel Beckett

Also, I know I keep saying drawing, but you can really use any medium or mediums of your choice.

How this works:
A picture is posted, and people make one (or more) of their own based on/inspired by/of the pic, and post it as a comment in the same thread. (Why not a new entry for every new thing created? Because of flistfloodage and relentless scrolling.) At the moment anyone can post a picture, because I'm setting up this community just now and not yet sure what the best method is. So it's subject to change!
Then others comment on the picture. Simple, what?

Who can participate:
Anyone and everyone! Feedback is cool, awesome, made of win, and all that kind of thing, and one doesn't have to be Velázquez to be able to give it. Most people, even if they never create anything themselves, can spot an odd shadow or wonky buildings. Constructive critique is super - just remember there is a difference between negative and constructive fb. If all you can think of is "wow", that's okay too.

When posting a new thread (i.e. a picture for others and self):
Artful nudity is ok, like statues and paintings and such. Photos of people modelling without clothes are to be put behind the lj-cut tag, 'cause I doubt every boss would get it.
Bigger pictures behind lj-cut - bigger here being, say, wider/longer than 600px. Use your common sense.
If you post a picture containing NSFW material, violence, sex, or other generally dark/mature themes, give a bloody good warning and use the lj-cut.

When posting a comment:
If your picture is huge, post a thumnail that links to the picture. Common sense, y'know.
If you post a picture containing NSFW material, violence, sex, or other generally dark/mature themes, give a warning and only link to the picture. I repeat: don't post the actual picture, just the link to it.

1) No flaming, no racism/sexism/misogyny/transphobia/ableism/classicism, etc. etc. etc. Be polite and use your brain.
2) Absolutely no advertising! (Commercial, that is. Advertising art/crafting comms is a-okay.)