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Hi, and welcome!
Spartans (3 on the floor)
araminya wrote in drawingpractice
Hi, so glad you all joined! If anyone has a good picture at hand and wants to post it - do go ahead. ^^ My net connection's too cranky to post pics atm.

Also, I'll be posting ads in a few other comms besides where I've posted already. Sorry if the message keeps popping up on your flist (meant to post them all at once, but fell asleep with my head on the desk, lol).

So, why did you join - did you stop drawing and want to start again, or did you always wish you could do it, etc.? What kind of things do you usually draw, or used to? What kind of things do you want to learn to draw? (Or paint, or whatever. Drawing is a bit of a synonym here.) Besides being curious, I think knowing might help in posting pictures. :)

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I hope it's alive, too. Sounds like fun.

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